Urine damage by dog
urine damage by a patient


Loved ones and pets may suffer from bladder related issues resulting in damage to your home. We are here to help clean, disinfect and protect your valued property.


Our all in one service includes vacuuming, deodorizing, disinfecting and hot steam cleaning. We use soap free and oxygen based cleaners to ensure safe outstanding results!

We offer professional services at affordable prices to help ensure a healthy environment for your home and office. We provide urine and feces damage treatment & stain and odor removal caused by humans and pets. Our process of cleaning and disinfecting ensures great results. Our technicians first examine the problem areas and then develop a solution to neutralize the stains and odors. We make sure that your property is protected through every step of our cleaning process.

Our goal is to extract the absorbed urine and feces from the surface, helping restore color damage & neutralizing odors. Our safe & powerful machine hot steam extraction process leaves your carpet, fabric and upholstery in brilliant condition and germ free!

Due to the acidic nature of human and animal urine and feces, bladder related accidents can permanently affect your carpets & padding, rugs and upholstery if not treated correctly in a timely manner creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you discover any urine and feces related damage in your home!


We provide world class service without excuses. With the persistent passion for the satisfaction of our customers, we never compromise the quality service we provide and treat your home, office and property like it is our own. We have spent years of research and practice identifying the best, safest and most hazard-free methods we apply to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Improve the quality of your life & environment and increase your free time.
  • Attain and maintain unparalleled customer satisfaction.
  • Provide world class service without excuses at affordable prices.
  • Complete our work using safe & eco-friendly cleaning products.