Increase the free time you share with your family and friends and let us take care of the hard work. Our DRYER VENT RE-ROUTING service is the no hassle selection to keep your laundry room looking pristine!

ALWAYS FREE ESTIMATES! Our technician will inspect your current system design and offer as many options as possible depending on your goals and needs. Our goal is to resolve your problem and offer you the most efficient and cost effective option to your current design. Whether you’re changing your design for safety or to reduce or eliminate future dryer vent cleaning costs, We’re here to get the job done right!



Our experts are trained in the best methods for dryer vent system re-routing. Our technicians are available  24 hours a day. We will inspect the areas that need to be re-routed on your dryer vent system and offer the most efficient and safest design options. Having a properly designed dryer vent system is an important part of helping keep your home safe from fire! Poorly designed dryer vent systems create extra expenses for your electric bill and might contribute to damaging the dryer unit over time due to poor airflow.



We want to make sure the dryer vent system we design for you lasts a lifetime.  We use the highest grade materials in the industry to ensure high performance, great efficiency and long time  durability.

Our process is designed to get outstanding results. Our technicians will inspect the areas to be used during the re-routing process and note any trouble spots or damage. We prepare the areas for work making sure your property is safely protected. Whether you need rigid metal ductwork in tight fitting areas or semi-rigid metal ductwork for the most flexible design you can feel confident your system is safe, efficient and durable.


We provide world class service without excuses. With the persistent passion for the satisfaction of our customers, we never compromise the quality service we provide and treat your home, office and property like it is our own. We have spent years of research and practice identifying the best, safest and most hazard-free methods we apply to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Improve the quality of your life & environment and increase your free time.
  • Attain and maintain unparalleled customer satisfaction.
  • Provide world class service without excuses at affordable prices.
  • Complete our work using safe & eco-friendly work products.