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We offer full service area rug cleaning in your home and premier hand washing service at our warehouse. Ask our experts today which service will get the results you demand!


Our all in one service includes vacuuming, deodorizing, disinfecting and hot steam cleaning. We use soap free and oxygen based cleaners to ensure safe outstanding results! Our technicians will prepare the areas of your home, pre treat your rugs and use our hot steam extraction method to attain fantastic results at a great value. We also offer post cleaning scotchgard and area rug protection products to ensure your rugs maintain their color and stain free appearance for as long as possible. Our most popular service for all standard area rug threads and weaves at a great value!


Our premium service includes securely removing your rugs from your home & office, pre treating them at our warehouse where we inspect and mark trouble areas, vacuum and prepare them to be gently and thoroughly hand washed. Our hand washing process includes flooding the rugs in our special oxygen bath using soap free and oxygen based cleaners. Our technicians have been trained to treat every type of high end area rug with the attentiona and care required to get brilliant results. Multiple rinse cycles ensure your rug is clean and free from product remnants. Our three day drying process results in a 0% moisture level in your rug, it’s then inspected, wrapped and returned to your home or office to its original location. This is the preferred method for our clients with Persian, Oriental, rugs with high color volume and tendencies to bleed.


We provide world class service without excuses. With the persistent passion for the satisfaction of our customers, we never compromise the quality service we provide and treat your home, office and property like it is our own. We have spent years of research and practice identifying the best, safest and most hazard-free methods we apply to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Improve the quality of your life & environment and increase your free time.
  • Attain and maintain unparalleled customer satisfaction.
  • Provide world class service without excuses at affordable prices.
  • Complete our work using safe & eco-friendly cleaning products.