How Often Should A Carpet Be Cleaned?

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If you want to add a classy look to your place, the first thing to add-on is, definitely a carpet. It gives a look of completion. But you can’t ignore the fact that a carpet can hide so many things under its fiber including dust, pollutant, germs, bacteria etc. that cannot be seen with the human eye.

How often should a carpet be cleaned?

The cleanliness of the carpet depends on how you maintain it. The cleaning of the carpet depends on the area of the house, persons, smoking frequency, the presence of pets and young children, members who are allergic to dust etc. When these factors are present then the cleaning frequency should be more often. If the carpet has low traffic of soil in a daily routine, it should be vacuum at least a week, and cleaning services by professionals like Hometown cleaning should be availed after every two years. If the traffic of soil is medium in a daily routine, it should be vacuumed twice a week and cleaned with the help of professional service provider on yearly basis. When the traffic of soil is heavy in a daily routine, it should be vacuumed daily and cleaned by the professionals semi-annually.

Spills and stains should be cleaned immediately as the stains can harm the color and texture of the carpet. If the carpet is frequently stained due to the presence of kids and pets in the home, you should apply a stain-remover on the carpet so that you can clean the spill before it gets penetrated in the carpet.

Advantages of regular vacuuming :

  • Removal of harmful particles from the surface:

Regular vacuuming is important for the preservation of the beautiful and neatness of the carpet. The carpet which is not cleaned regularly can be the cause of allergies and other illness. Also, the dirt deposits itself on the surface of the carpet and as a result, the carpet has lots of stains, germs, odor etc. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will help to give a safe environment for your family and visitors.

  • Enhance the beauty and extend the life:

Beauty needs care. If you want to keep your costly investment safe and beautiful, vacuum it regularly. The more you take care of your carpet, the longer its beauty will be retained. Uncleaned carpet can result in permanent damage to the colors and the fiber of the carpet. If you want to save your money by not replacing your carpets frequently, clean them regularly.  

Expert services for professional cleaning

You can maintain your carpet well by vacuuming it but can’t extract the hidden culprits that need professional hands and equipment for extraction. For that, you should call professionals like Hometown Cleaning and restoration for all kinds of carpet cleaning and other home cleaning services. We vacuum your carpet deeply and extract dirt and other particles from every fiber with the help of hot water cleaning process so that the carpet can restore its shine, texture, and original color. We apply stain-protector after cleaning so that your carpet remains dirt and stain-free for longer. Call us right now if you want to schedule the services from the most experienced experts of the Hometown Cleaning.


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