We Hometown Cleaning & Restoration provide our expert cleaning services in Viera, Florida. Our services include carpet cleaning services, floor cleaning services, tile and grout cleaning services, boat and yacht cleaning, rv cleaning and further more services. We make sure that we clean your belongings to the upmost quality, our cleaners are highly trained and professional, we take care of your belongings professionally.

Rug Cleaning:

Do you feel embarrassed by the fading state of your rugs? Well if you live in viera then we are here to provide with 24 hour all natural Oriental rug cleaning and Persian rug cleaning services in Viera.

tile cleaning in viera

Tile, stone and grout cleaning:

We believe that tiles should be shiny but there is no reason to worry if they are not for the people of viera as our professionals are always available for 24 hour emergency tile and grout cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning services:

For the people of viera the solution to their carpet cleaning problem that should be all natural using hot steam cleaning instead of soap is provided by us. We clean your carpets wall to wall with all natural 24 hour emergency carpet cleaning services.

Water Damage:

Broken pipe? Flooded home? Washing machine overflow? Need a water damage restoration and clean up 24 hour emergency service that works with insurance? Reach out to us from anywhere in viera.

Upholstery Cleaning Services:

Whether it’s your commercial place or residential place, every furniture needs Upholstery cleaning services. In the areas of viera we cleaning your furniture with modern methods making sure proper stain removal and stain protection for future.

Boat and Yacht Cleaning:

For the residents of viera, Florida we provide the most cost effective 24 hour emergency boat and yacht cleaning service with the licensed and professional cleaners.

Urine damage treatment:

Urine damage can dangerously infect our surrounding and needs immediate cleaning. For the residents of viera we provide in home service for cleaning stains.

Power Washing Services:

We specializes in one of the toughest cleaning service that is power washing of the hard surfaces. You can reach us from anywhere in viera.

Stain and pet odor removal:

We all love our pets but sometimes they can leave an unpleasant odor sometimes that we can take care of with all natural 24 hour cleaning services using products safe for children and safe for pets themselves in viera.

Floor Cleaning:

Floors are the major investment of the house. We make sure that the investments of the residents of the viera are protected with our all natural cleaning services.

Carpet and Fabric Protection:

We provide the residents of viera with the perfect stain protection material for their carpets and fabric.


Anywhere in viera we provide RV cleaning 24 hour services so that your RV can look shiny and brand new.